Star Tribune: Old Cafe, New Look


Forrest and Sharon Leff opened their first store location in the Eastridge Mall at a time when a coffee order in Casper couldn’t be customized beyond requesting cream or sugar. Starbucks wouldn’t arrive in the city for nearly a decade, and the Leffs would struggle to explain the sudden variety of options to locals.

Being ahead of the curve has never hurt the Leffs’ business before, and the over-$100,000 remodel shouldn’t be any different.

“When I’d visit San Diego, I’d drive down to Tijuana to get our Mexican chocolate,” Sharon said. “I’d have my grandma in the car, and load up the trunk with the stuff – it’s crazy what we went through to get our signature ingredients.”

Now owners of the longest-standing espresso shop in Casper, the Leffs aren’t just providing a place for people to get their caffeine fix. They are embodying the dream of Wyoming’s new state program, Wyoming Grown, by helping young professionals develop their careers here… read more here.

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